Pesticide Residues in Food and Feed

Pesticide Details

65 Thiabendazole

Functional Class
  1. Fungicide
Maximum Residue Limits for Thiabendazole
Commodity MRL Year of Adoption Symbols Note
Poultry meat 0.05 mg/Kg 1999
Witloof chicory (sprouts) 0.05 mg/Kg 1999 (*)
Cattle meat 0.1 mg/Kg 2001
Eggs 0.1 mg/Kg 2001
Cattle milk 0.2 mg/Kg 2003
Cattle liver 0.3 mg/Kg 2003
Cattle kidney 1 mg/Kg 2003
Pome fruits 3 mg/Kg 2003 Po
Mango 5 mg/Kg 2003 Po
Banana 5 mg/Kg 1999 Po
Citrus fruits 7 mg/Kg 2013 Po
Papaya 10 mg/Kg 2003 Po
Potato 15 mg/Kg 2003 Po
Avocado 15 mg/Kg 2003 Po
Mushrooms 60 mg/Kg 2005

At or about the limit of determination.


The MRL accommodates post-harvest treatment of the commodity.

Other information
JMPR-related information

ADI/PTDI 0.1 mg/kg body weight (1992 by JECFA; confirmed 1997 by JECFA : WHO TRS No 879)
Residue definition For compliance with MRLs and estimation of dietary intake for plant commodities: thiabendazole For compliance with MRLs for animal commodities: sum of thiabendazole and 5-hydroxythiabendazole; and for estimation of dietary intake for animal commodities: sum of thiabendazole, 5-hydroxythiabendazole and its sulfate conjugate.

Used also as veterinary drug

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