Pesticide Residues in Food and Feed

Pesticide Details

65 Thiabendazole

Functional Class
  1. Fungicide
Maximum Residue Limits for Thiabendazole
Commodity MRL Year of Adoption Symbols Note
Witloof chicory (sprouts) 0.05 mg/Kg 1999 (*)
Poultry meat 0.05 mg/Kg 1999
Potato 15 mg/Kg 2003 Po
Pome fruits 3 mg/Kg 2003 Po
Papaya 10 mg/Kg 2003 Po
Mushrooms 60 mg/Kg 2005
Mango 5 mg/Kg 2003 Po
Eggs 0.1 mg/Kg 2001
Citrus fruits 7 mg/Kg 2013 Po
Cattle milk 0.2 mg/Kg 2003
Cattle meat 0.1 mg/Kg 2001
Cattle liver 0.3 mg/Kg 2003
Cattle kidney 1 mg/Kg 2003
Banana 5 mg/Kg 1999 Po
Avocado 15 mg/Kg 2003 Po

At or about the limit of determination.


The MRL accommodates post-harvest treatment of the commodity.

Other information
JMPR-related information

ADI/PTDI 0.1 mg/kg body weight (1992 by JECFA; confirmed 1997 by JECFA : WHO TRS No 879)
Residue definition For compliance with MRLs and estimation of dietary intake for plant commodities: thiabendazole For compliance with MRLs for animal commodities: sum of thiabendazole and 5-hydroxythiabendazole; and for estimation of dietary intake for animal commodities: sum of thiabendazole, 5-hydroxythiabendazole and its sulfate conjugate.

Used also as veterinary drug

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