Pesticide Residues in Food and Feed

Commodity Categories

The Codex food category system is hierarchical and applies to ...

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Commodity Hierarchy Code
Primary Animal Feed Commodities
Primary Food Commodities of Animal Origin
Primary Food Commodities of Plant Origin
Processed Foods of Animal Origin
Processed Foods of Plant Origin
Derived Products of Plant Origin
Manufactured Foods (Multi-Ingredient) of Plant Origin

Manufactured foods (single-ingredient) of plant origin

Secondary Food Commodities of Plant Origin
Dried Fruits
Dried Herbs

Dried herbs

DH 0170

Celery leaves, dry

DH 0624

Angelica, including Garden Angelica, dry

DH 0720

Balm leaves, dry

DH 0721

Basil, dry

DH 0722

Bay leaves, dry

DH 0723

Borage, dry

DH 0724

Catmint, dry

DH 0726

Chives, dry

DH 0727

Burning bush, dry

DH 0728

Fennel, dry

DH 0731

Horehound, dry

DH 0732

Hyssop, dry

DH 0733

Lavender, dry

DH 0734

Lovage, dry

DH 0735

Marjoram, dry

DH 0736

Mints, dry

DH 0738

Rosemary, dry

DH 0741

Rue, dry

DH 0742

Sage, dry

DH 0743

Savory, Summer; Winter, dry

DH 0745

Sweet cicely, dry

DH 0747

Tansy and related species, dry

DH 0748

Thyme, dry

DH 0750

Wintergreen leaves, dry

DH 0752

Woodruff, dry

DH 0753

Wormwoods, dry

DH 0754

Hops, Dry

DH 1100

Cretan Dittany, dry

DH 5269

Oregano (Wild Marjoram), dry

DH 5271

Dried Vegetables
Milled Cereal Products (Early Milling Stages)
Miscellaneous Secondary Food Commodities of Plant Origin

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