Pesticide Residues in Food and Feed

Commodity Categories

The Codex food category system is hierarchical and applies to ...

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Commodity Hierarchy Code
Primary Animal Feed Commodities
Primary Food Commodities of Animal Origin
Primary Food Commodities of Plant Origin
Processed Foods of Animal Origin
Processed Foods of Plant Origin
Derived Products of Plant Origin
By-Products, Used for Animal Feeding Purposes, Derived from Fruit and Vegetables
Cereal Grain Milling Fractions

Cereal bran, Processed

CF 0081

Barley bran, processed

CF 0640

Maize meal

CF 0645

Rice bran, processed

CF 0649

Rye bran, processed

CF 0650

Wheat bran, Processed

CF 0654

Wheat germ

CF 1210

Wheat flour

CF 1211

Wheat wholemeal

CF 1212

Rye flour

CF 1250

Rye wholemeal

CF 1251

Maize flour

CF 1255

Corn flour

CF 5273

Corn meal

CF 5275

Fruit Juices
Miscellaneous Derived Edible Products Of Plant Origin
Root and Tuber Vegetables
Vegetable Oils, Crude
Vegetable Oils, Edible (or Refined)
Manufactured Foods (Multi-Ingredient) of Plant Origin

Manufactured foods (single-ingredient) of plant origin

Secondary Food Commodities of Plant Origin

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