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Commodity Categories

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Commodity Hierarchy Code
Primary Animal Feed Commodities
Primary Food Commodities of Animal Origin
Primary Food Commodities of Plant Origin
Herbs and Spices
Nuts and Seeds
Assorted Tropical and Sub-Tropical Fruit - Inedible Peel
Brassica (Cole or Cabbage) Vegetables, Head Cabbage, Flowerhead Brassicas
Bulb Vegetables
Fruiting Vegetables, Cucurbits
Fruiting Vegetables, other than Cucurbits
Leafy Vegetables (Including Brassica Leafy Vegetables)
Legume Vegetables

Angola pea (immature seed)

VP 4393

Asparagus bean (pods)

VP 4395

Asparagus pea (pods)

VP 4397

Bambara groundnut (immature seeds)

VP 0520

Beans, except broad bean and soya bean

VP 0061

Beans, Shelled

VP 0062

Black gram (green pods)

VP 0521

Bonavist bean (young pods and immature seeds)

VP 4399

Broad bean, Shelled (succulent)(=immature seeds)

VP 0523

Broad bean (green pods and immature seeds)

VP 0522

Butter bean (immature pods)

VP 4401

Cajan pea (young green seeds)

VP 4402

Catjang cowpea (immature pods and green seeds)

VP 4404

Chick-pea (green pods)

VP 0524

Cluster bean (young pods)

VP 0525

Common bean (pods and/or immature seeds)

VP 0526

Cowpea (immature pods)

VP 0527

Dwaf bean (immature pods and/or seeds)

VP 4403

Edible-podded pea

VP 4405

Fava bean (green pods and immature beans)

VP 4407

Field bean (green pods)

VP 4409

Flageolet (fresh beans)

VP 4411

Four-angled bean (immature pods)

VP 4413

French bean (immature pods and seeds)

VP 4415


VP 4417

Garden pea, Shelled (succulent seeds)

VP 0529

Garden pea (young pods)(=succulent, immature seeds)

VP 0528

Goa bean (immature pods)

VP 0530

Gram (green pods)

VP 4419

Green bean (green pods and immature seeds)

VP 4421

Green gram (green pods)

VP 4423

Guar (young pods)

VP 4425

Haricot bean (green pods, and/or immature seeds)

VP 4427

Horse bean (green pods and/or immature seeds)

VP 4429

Hyacinth bean (young pods, immature seeds)

VP 0531

Jack bean (young pods, immature seeds)

VP 0532

Kidney bean (pods and/or immature seeds)

VP 4431

Lablab (young pods; immature seeds)

VP 4433

Legume vegetables

VP 0060

Lentil (young pods)

VP 0533

Lima bean (young pods and/or immature beans)

VP 0534


VP 0545

Mangetout or Mangetout pea

VP 4435

Manila bean (immature pods)

VP 4436

Mat bean (green pods, mature, fresh seeds)

VP 0535

Moth bean

VP 4437

Mung bean (green pods)

VP 0536

Navy bean (young pods and/or immature seeds)

VP 4439


VP 4441

Peas, Shelled (succulent seeds)

VP 0064

Peas (pods and succulent=immature seeds)

VP 0063

Pigeon bean (green pods and immature seeds)

VP 4443

Pigeon pea (green pods and/or young green seeds)

VP 0537

Podded pea (young pods)

VP 0538

Red gram (green pods and/or young green seeds)

VP 4447

Rice bean (young pods)

VP 0539

Runner bean (green pods and seeds)

VP 4449

Scarlet runner bean (pods and seeds)

VP 0540

Sieva bean (young pods and/or green fresh beans)

VP 4451

Snap bean (young pods)

VP 4453

Soya bean (immature seeds)

VP 0541

Soya bean (young pod)

VP 0546


VP 4455

Sugar pea (young pods)

VP 4457

Sword bean (young pods and bean)

VP 0542

Urd bean (green pods)

VP 4459

Winged bean (immature pods)

VP 4461

Winged pea (young pods)

VP 0543

Wrinkled pea

VP 4463

Yard-long bean (pods)

VP 0544

Pome Fruits

Adzuki bean (dry)

VD 0560

Angola pea

VD 4465

Bambara groundnut (dry seed)

VD 0520

Beans (dry)

VD 0071

Black-eyed pea

VD 4467

Black gram (dry)

VD 0521

Bonavist bean

VD 4469

Broad bean (dry)

VD 0523

Butter bean

VD 4470

Cajan pea

VD 4471

Chick-pea (dry)

VD 0524

Common bean (dry)

VD 0526

Cowpea (dry)

VD 0527

Dwarf bean (dry)

VD 4473

Fava bean (dry)

VD 4475

Field bean (dry)

VD 4477

Field pea (dry)

VD 0561

Flageolet (dry)

VD 4479

Geocarpa groundnut or Geocarpa bean

VD 4483

Gram (dry)

VD 4489

Green gram (dry)

VD 4493

Horse bean (dry)

VD 4499

Horse gram

VD 0562

Hyacinth bean (dry)

VD 0531

Kersting's groundnut

VD 0563

Kidney bean (dry)

VD 4503

Lablab (dry)

VD 4505

Lentil (dry)

VD 0533

Lima bean (dry)

VD 0534

Lipin (dry)

VD 0545

Lupin (dry)

VD 0545

Mat bean (dry)

VD 0535

Moth bean (dry)

VD 4507

Mung bean (dry)

VD 0536

Navy bean (dry)

VD 4509

Pea (dry)

VD 4511

Peas (dry)

VD 0072

Pigeon pea (dry)

VD 0537


VD 0070

Red gram (dry)

VD 4513

Rice bean (dry)

VD 0539

Sieva bean (dry)

VD 4519

Soya bean (dry)

VD 0541

Soybean (dry)

VD 4521

Tepary bean (dry)

VD 0564

Urd bean (dry)

VD 4523

Wrinkled pea (dry)

VD 4525

Stalk and Stem Vegetables
Vegetables (Except as otherwise stated)
Processed Foods of Animal Origin
Processed Foods of Plant Origin

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