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Commodity Categories

The Codex food category system is hierarchical and applies to ...

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Commodity Hierarchy Code
Primary Animal Feed Commodities
Primary Food Commodities of Animal Origin
Primary Food Commodities of Plant Origin
Herbs and Spices
Nuts and Seeds
Assorted Tropical and Sub-Tropical Fruit - Inedible Peel
Brassica (Cole or Cabbage) Vegetables, Head Cabbage, Flowerhead Brassicas

Brassica (Cole or Cabbage) Vegetables, Head Cabbage, Flowerhead Brassicas

VB 0040

Cabbages, Head

VB 0041

Flowerhead brassicas (includes Broccoli: Broccoli, Chinese and Cauliflower)

VB 0042


VB 0400

Broccoli, Chinese

VB 0401

Brussels sprouts

VB 0402

Cabbage, Savoy

VB 0403


VB 0404


VB 0405

Broccoli, Sprouting

VB 4173


VB 4175

Cabbage, Green

VB 4177

Cabbage, Red

VB 4179

Cabbage, Oxhead

VB 4181

Cabbage, Pointed

VB 4183

Cabbage, White

VB 4185

Cabbage, Yellow

VB 4187

Cauliflower, Green

VB 4189


VB 4191

Bulb Vegetables
Fruiting Vegetables, Cucurbits
Fruiting Vegetables, other than Cucurbits
Leafy Vegetables (Including Brassica Leafy Vegetables)
Legume Vegetables
Pome Fruits
Stalk and Stem Vegetables
Vegetables (Except as otherwise stated)
Processed Foods of Animal Origin
Processed Foods of Plant Origin

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