Pesticide Residues in Food and Feed

Commodity Categories

The Codex food category system is hierarchical and applies to ...

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Commodity Hierarchy Code
Primary Animal Feed Commodities
Primary Food Commodities of Animal Origin
Amphibians and reptiles
Aquatic animal products
Invertebrate animals
Mammalian Products
Edible Offal (Mammalian)
Mammalian Fats
Meat (From Mammals other than Marine Mammals)

Meat (from mammals other than marine mammals)

MM 0095

Meat of cattle, goats, horses, pigs & sheep

MM 0096

Meat of cattle, pigs & sheep

MM 0097

Baffalo meat

MM 0810

Camel meat

MM 0811

Cattle meat

MM 0812

Deer meat

MM 0813

Goat meat

MM 0814

Hare meat

MM 0815

Horse meat

MM 0816

Kangaroo meat

MM 0817

Pig meat

MM 0818

Rabbit meat

MM 0819

Reindeer meat

MM 0820

Roe meat

MM 0821

Sheep meat

MM 0822

Wild boar, meat

MM 0823

Elk meat

MM 0824

Buffalo, African, meat

MM 4789

Buffalo, American, meat

MM 4791

Buffalo, Cape, meat

MM 4793

Buffalo, Water, meat

MM 4795

Calf, meat

MM 4797

Camel, Bactrian, meat

MM 4799

Deer, Fallow, meat

MM 4803

Deer, Red, meat

MM 4805

Dromedary meat

MM 4807

Lamb meat

MM 4809

Llama or Lama, meat

MM 4811

Moufflon meat

MM 4813

Moose, European, meat

MM 4815


MM 4817

Water Buffalo, meat

MM 4819

Yak meat

MM 4821

Zebu meat

MM 4823

Poultry Products
Primary Food Commodities of Plant Origin
Processed Foods of Animal Origin
Processed Foods of Plant Origin

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